Truth About Insurance Company Preferred Contractor

Hail Damage Repair Contractor in CalgaryTypically, a home owner does not have any obligation to use any contractors that are recommended to them by their insurer. It is still considered wise to contact the claims department of your insurer and double check. When it comes to replacing the roof of your home, this is a very serious endeavor that requires careful consideration and a great deal of thought. Roof replacement is one of the most vital renovations a home owner can take on, so it is crucial to make sure the new roof will be of the best quality, durability and cause no further issues for the home owner. While a preferred contractor may be able to do the job, it never hurts to obtain a few different quotes from various contractors. Shopping around helps home owners find the best deal for their money. When it comes time to make this important decision, the only person who matters is yourself. Who Is In Charge Of A Preferred Contractor? Hail Damage Contractor in CalgaryUpon being hired, a preferred contractor finds themselves between a rock and a hard place. Since such a large portion of their yearly income is derived from the referrals of insurance companies, no contractor wishes to put this valuable revenue stream in jeopardy. But they also have a loyalty to their clients, including you, and if their work is not up to par, this could damage their relationship with you and lead to poor word of mouth. When choosing a contractor, it becomes the client’s responsibility to decide where the contractor’s loyalties lies and select accordingly. Picking a contractor who will make sure all of your needs come first and foremost should be one of the chief factors in this decision. By giving their overall demeanor a thorough evaluation, you should be able to determine their level of commitment to your project. Some questions you should be asking yourself upon meeting a potential contractor are: 1. Is your job truly meaningful to them or are you just another paycheck? 2. Are they going to be willing to take the time it requires to ensure that all of your needs are met? 3. What is their level of willingness to go above and beyond what the insurer is going to pay for? 4. Will they deliver an assessment that lets you know how much work is required and work out their payment with the insurer?