Composite or Real Wood: Which Door Is Right for You

When you choose the door of your house, you need it to be the best. However, there are so many types available in the market; it is fairly difficult to choose the right one for you. The most popular types of doors that are available in the market are the wooden door and the composite door. However, like any other thing, none of these is perfect. The professionals of Toronto windows and doors here describe the pros and cons of both type of door so that you can make an informed decision.

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Cost and Maintenance

The cost of a composite door is slightly more than that of a wooden door. However, you need to constantly maintain the wooden door to keep its luster. If you calculate the maintenance cost and the initial cost, then the wooden door is considered to be more expensive.

In addition to that, cleaning the wooden door is a laborious task. To keep the wood in the best condition you need to continue the maintenance procedure. The environmental factors also affect the wooden door more. Other problems that one faces in case of solid wood are, peeling, warping, swelling, and ageing.

The experts of Toronto windows and doors explain that the composite door does not need all these maintenances and stays good for years.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the solid wood door depends on the maintenance. If maintained properly, the wooden door can last up to thirty years. However, this time varies according to the environmental factor.

Contrarily, the composite doors can last up to 35 years. With proper oiling in the hinges and other moving parts, the composite doors might last way beyond, say the professionals of Toronto windows and doors.

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The noise and thermal insulation is a big deciding factor for the doors. In this game, the wooden door champions the composite door. However, both types of door are better than the rest of the types that are available in the market.


Both the composite and wooden door is well revered for their ability for providing security. However, the wooden door is considered to be more secure than the composite ones. The experts of Toronto windows and doors explain that the composite doors are made of plastic and wood. The plastic elements of the door make it vulnerable to fire. Any miscreant can light up the door without much effort. Contrarily, properly treated solid wood door takes a lot more time to catch fire.

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You can find both types of doors in many colors. The wooden door looks much more stylish than the composite door. Though the makers try to give the composite door a wooden finish, they cannot achieve the look and feel of the real deal. The experts of Toronto windows and doors however, feel that the composite door wins in the field of painting. The wooden door needs to be painted in every 2-5 years. The composite door, on the other hand, does not need to be painted for a long time. This can also become a problem for the homeowners who like to change the color of their door. The composite door needs to be painted by professionals with high-grade paints.

The experts of Toronto windows and doors feel that it is your call in the end whether you want to buy wooden door or composite door. So read the above points carefully and make the decision.

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