Mould Damage From Roof Leaks

Many people don’t realize it, but if you have a roof leak, you may also experience mould damage. Mould has the ability to damage both your home as well as your help. There may be insufficient leak barriers within your home, including your attic. As such, you may experience a leak or excess moisture. This will cause mould to grow, and it may go undetected for a considerable amount of time.

Health Canada has considered mould growth in homes to be potentially hazardous to one’s health. The Mayo Clinic has determined that the majority of chronic sinus infections are because of mould. It has also been estimated that approximately ½ of homes throughout Canada have mould problems of one level or another. Additionally, there has been a 300% increase within the number of people who have asthma in the past 20 years, and this has been associated to the presence of mould.

Anyone can suffer from health issues as a result of mould. This includes infants, the elderly, and pregnant women, all of which are more susceptible. Some of the reactions that can take place as a result of mould include respiratory problems, sinus congestion, reddened and blurry vision, a dry hacking cough, skin irritation, aches and pains, and much more. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be a result of mould in your home.

It may be impossible for you to check for mould damage on your own, and you should never explore areas if you don’t know what the consequences are. At Progressive Roofing Calgary , we have the experienced professionals to help identify mould damage in Calgary AB and get leaks under control.