What is the Correct Cost of a Replacement Garage Door?

Are you a citizen of Canada opting for the replacement of your Ottawa garage door? Well if you’re a first timer, chances are you’re not aware of the average costing involved in replacing a garage door.

In general, a normal garage door replacement costs about $1000. But some are as cheap as $200 dollars while others range up to $4000. Now, depending on your requirements you need to analyze the ideal garage door for you and its estimated cost.

So, today, this blog will elucidate what an average garage door should cost, and how to evaluate cost as per your requirements.Ottawa garage door

  1. Material

The cost of your replacement Ottawa garage door will be highly dependent on the type of material you pick. If you’re looking for aesthetics, then you’ll likely opt for a wooden garage door. These are easily customizable and will add charm and texture to your garage door. Further, these will undoubtedly bolster your home’s aesthetic appeal and improve its retail value too. Depending on the type of wood and customization you pick, your average 16-by-7 double door cost will fall within the range of $1,200 – $4,000.

Now, if you’ve got a lower budget you’ll likely opt for aluminum or steel garage doors. Now, aluminum is ideal if you reside in a caustic and humid environment. Further, it’ll only cost you an average of $1,500 to $2,000 for a 16-by-7 double door.

On the other hand, if you’re picking steel for your replacement Ottawa garage door then you can pick either single layer, premium 3 layer or non-insulated. The price range for this will vary within $750 to $3,500. So, depending on your requirements, home environment and needs pick one which will suit your purpose best.

  1. Customize or Not to Customize

Personalization will incur extra cost. So, first, ask yourself the question of whether you need customization for your garage door. If you wish your home to look elegant then it’s best to go for a customizable Ottawa garage door. This will undoubtedly bolster your home’s exterior and complement your household best.

As part of further, personalization questions your needs. Do you require a chain drive opener; it’s affordable but might create noise. Additionally, you can go for a belt drive as it offers less noise. However, belt drives will again cost you. Apart from these, look for the type of interior or design you wish to implement in your garage door. Depending upon how much you are willing to invest, customize accordingly.

garage door in Ottawa


  1. Insulation

Insulation is another factor to consider when picking a garage door. Say you wish to invest in insulation, then that might incur extra cost. Now, unless you live in a damp area, insulation isn’t much of a requirement. However, residing in Ottawa, it’s best to go for insulated garages, as the cold is a formidable enemy of your car’s engine.

Well, there you go, depending on your requirements; you can finance your Ottawa garage door. Nevertheless, a general sturdy garage door will cost around $2000, and hence it’s best not to opt for anything less than that. Good Luck! In order to find more about Ottawa garage door read here!

Why You Should Consider Waterproofing your Basement in Toronto?

Have you recently moved to Ontario this year? Well, you might have got the best deal from your broker but isn’t the deal too good to be true?

Chances are all that glitters isn’t gold! Why don’t you go check the basement and find out its condition? If you’ve gotten your home at an inexplicably low rate chances are your previous homeowners did not opt for Toronto basement waterproofing.

Now, as a new resident of Ontario, you would undoubtedly not know the importance of basement waterproofing, but this blog will illustrate why it’s of vital import.basement waterproofing toronto

Reasons Why Ontario Homes Need Basement Waterproofing

  1. Location and Climate

One of the provinces of Canada, Ontario and Toronto witnesses heavy rainfall. Further, the provinces hold a large number of lakes and rivers thus rainfall is also frequent. This leads to moist and damp ambiance that often leads to water seepage into the homes of Ontario.

As a result, unless the homes opt for Toronto basement waterproofing, rainwater, dampness or melting snow pave the way into the cellars unnoticed. Soon enough the homes have moist, germ-infested basements that undoubtedly lower their retail value.

Further, the issues of moist basements intensify during fall, spring, and monsoons which typically bring forth heavy rainfall. As a result, often unnoticed the basements below clog water decay and damage them jeopardizing lives of homeowners. The reason being, not only do these moisture-laden basements reduce retail value, but these turn into the infestation den of microbes, bacteria, germs and viruses that spread several infections.

  1. Health Issues

As mentioned above, if you’ve not picked a home that already opted for Toronto basement waterproofing its best you do so soon. The reason being the damp and moist ambiance which is frequent in these Ontario homes are the den for microbes, bacteria, insects, and viruses. You might find your family falling susceptible to several infections like allergies, headaches, asthma, skin ailments, and others if your basement is left untreated.

Now, that you’ve established why it’s so important to opt for Toronto basement waterproofing it’s time to identify it.

waterproofing in toronto

Tell-Tale Signs that Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

  1. Lookout for puddles in your basement, as this is the first step to waterlogging.
  2. Leaky windowpanes, corners, and water dripping is another sign of waterlogged basements.
  3. Cracked floors, damp spots on walls, cracked walls are another sign of moist and damp basements.

So, if you notice these above signs, immediately opt for calling a trusted Toronto basement waterproofing company to solve your issue of a wet basement. You can look for these companies by searching online and finding one that has the most rating in your locality. Instead of going for the most economic one, go for one which has good testimonials and credentials. These companies are usually ones which provide authentic service and ensure that your basement is waterproofed properly.

Now, select carefully and invest in waterproofing to secure your home and improve its retail value in the future. Good Luck!

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