Professional Calgary Exteriors : Gutters, Soffits & Fascia

The gutters, soffit and fascia on your home give your home a polished and well-kept look. They make such a difference in the appearance of your home that we sometimes forget they have a job to do. These items move water and moisture away from your house. One has to live in Calgary, AB to understand the harsh winters and the damage they can cause. If any of these items fail, your home is exposed to damages caused by water, mold and trapped moisture. This will lead to costly repairs.

How does it all work?

Your home is your largest investment and the gutters on your house are one of your biggest sources of protection of that investment. Water is a very powerful force of nature. Over time, it causes major structural damage. Having gutters, properly installed and clear is the main part of the system that diverts that force from the house. Rain and moisture can rust metals in your house, rot wood and erode foundations drain into the gutter and the gutter carries it to a drain spout that allows it to be delivered safely and properly away.

The fascia is the board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. It is secured directly to the trusses of the roof. It supports the final row of tiles and carries the gutters. Consider that in a storm several gallons of water per second are flowing through the gutters, and you will see that the fascia is vital!

The soffit board, tucked away under the fascia board is the part you see from the street level. It is normally ventilated to allow air flow into the roof area. Without adequate ventilation, condensation forms and could cause decay and mold.

At Progressive Roofing Calgary we understand the challenges homeowners face protecting the exteriors of their homes from the harsh weather in Calgary, AB. Our experience, commitment to excellence and knowledge allows you to have confidence in letting us protect your property.