Progressive Roofing Calgary Hail Damage Experts!

Hail damage can be one of the worst things for your home. During a storm, hail can be very large, often being the size of a golf ball or even larger. The problem is that when it hits your roof, some of the granules from your shingles are removed and will speed up the shingle aging process. It may also avoid the manufacturer warranty on the shingles.

If you have experienced hail on your home, or the area has experienced hail, you will want to check your roof for damage as soon as possible. Instead of climbing up on the roof yourself, Progressive Roofing Calgary, can provide you with the necessary inspection.

It’s important to know that many insurance companies will have a time limit on claims for hail damage. If you want to make sure that your claim is approved, you will want to record the date of the hailstorm, which will also be the date that the damage took place.

There are several ways to know if you have held damage. There will be a dark spot on the asphalt shingle if it has been hit by hail. If it’s brand-new, it will also be shiny because the asphalt has been exposed. Hail also has the ability to dent the various metal components on your roof. This includes valleys, gutters, and flashing. Gutters and downspouts can be inspected visually for missing granules as well as dents and dings, which can be particularly useful if you don’t want to get up on top of your roof.

Calgary AB gets it fair share of large damaging hail . At Progressive Roofing Calgary, we will talk to you about handling your insurance claim to ensure everything that is hail damage gets replaced .
We want to make sure that you have all of the information needed, so call us today and we will schedule a time to inspect your roof and provide a report to the insurance company.