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The most obvious consequence of a roof leak is damage to the house. Not only does the water show stains and damage from the ceilings to walls and floors; but it also damages rafters, ceiling joists, and wall frames. When you have a chronic rood leak, it leads to very serious problems and requires a professional’s help. Not only is the structure damaged, but walls can swell and crack. Paint can peel. Ceilings not only look bad, over time they can actually collapse. No one wants their property destroyed by a falling ceiling, but worse, it could fall on you or your family. It is a very dangerous situation.


This is a case where prevention is worth volumes more than cure. You should have your roof inspected every year to catch any issues before they become problems. Just because your roof was good last year, does not mean that the rain or snow have not caused an issue this year. Learn what to look for and allow an inspection annually.

Ceiling marks, buckled or missing tiles and growth of algae or moss are all signs that the moisture is not adequately being removed. Once you can see damage, it should be dealt with immediately. For every damaged item you see, there is further damage you cannot see. Obviously it is less expensive to repair a roof than to install a new one and it is cheaper to repair a ceiling than to replace one that has fallen.

There are reasons to call promptly when you notice water, hail or moisture damage. You need to consider the warranty of the shingles on your home. Not reporting and dealing with an issue like a hail storm quickly could void your warranty. Insurance companies sometimes must get involved. With water damage, the damage is on-going and what your insurance will cover may not include items that were damaged due to neglect.

You can see, roofing is much more than meets the eye. It requires skill, and knowledge. Call Progressive Roofing Calgary, to protect your financial investment and assist in keeping your family safe.