Secret Tips to Make Your Tiny Bathroom Appear Spacious

Are you grumpy because your new home has smaller bathrooms? Well, looks like you have two options. Either, contact a few trusted bathroom renovations Toronto or use call out the inner designer in you to make your bathroom appear spacious.

Now, calling a renovating company is a good option if you’ve money and time to spare. However, if you do not have the finance then many reputed bathroom remodeling agencies instruct to go with designing.

However, you’re absolutely blank on how to design your small bathroom? No big deal! This blog has the answers!

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Check out Secret Bathroom Remodel Tips to Make it Appear Spacious

  1. Same Color/Texture/Tone

What most bathroom renovations Toronto advice is using the same color; texture and tone when it comes to making bathrooms look larger. Thus instead of going for contrasting color tones for walls and tiles, use muted shades like beige, sand or grey to make a smaller bathroom appear bigger.

  1. Clear Shower Glass

Most people opt for shower curtains when it comes to shower rooms. Now, this isn’t a very feasible ideal for a smaller bathroom. Instead to make your bathroom appear bigger, opt for opaque clear shower glass. Now, don’t be worried about privacy if you have a door.

Also, shower glasses are often covered due to steamy mists of the shower. Additionally, these help you see the entire bathroom thus making it look bigger.

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  1. Ceiling Tile Up

Most bathrooms equipped with showers opt for tilting up the top of the shower door. However, to make your bathroom appear spacious, most bathroom renovations Toronto recommend tiling all the way up to the ceiling to prevent one’ eyes from breaking up separate pieces of the wall.

  1. Let in Natural Lighting

Natural light streaming into the washroom is an excellent way to make it appear larger. Thus, while most bathrooms have a small window, as per the recommendations of bathroom renovations Toronto consider installing a skylight. These are excellent ways to invite natural light while making the bathroom appear bigger and brighter.  Now, if you’re concerned about privacy, opt for options like opaque glass, etc.

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  1. Go Big With Mirrors

Mirrors have a way of camouflaging a small room and making it appear bigger. So, if your bathroom is remotely small, consider investing in a big mirror to make it look spacious.

For example, instead of a sink mirror opt for a door mirror. This will add volume to the room while making it excellent for morning wardrobe change options.

  1. Avoid Clutter

What expert bathroom renovations Toronto state for making a washroom appear bigger is avoiding clutter. Clutter, especially small toiletries and other accessories not only make the bathroom look ugly, but it adds to a claustrophobic aura about the room, giving it a suffocating feel.

So, ensure that you have a built-in cupboard or drawer to actively stock and balance out clutter.

Well, there you have it, with these 6 tips you can easily camouflage a smaller washroom to appear bigger. So, try these out today and design your bathroom accordingly to suit your needs.

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