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Progressive Roofing Calgary Gutters (Eavetrough) Division

Are you thinking of gutter repairs or installation, or perhaps seamless eave eavestroughs? Well you’ll be pleased to know that we have over 10 years’ experience in the industry

From replacing and installing gutters on high story apartments to eave trough repairs on bungalows, Progressive Roofing Gutters (Eavetrough) division has the right tools and expertise in waterproofing, roof venting, exterior enveloping and more. We offer quality workmanship and very competitive pricing.

Browse through of comprehensive list of products and services and we’ll be able help you on your home improvement project.

Seamless eave troughs ensure that there are no leaks on joints. Our eaves troughs are tailor-made right on the premises of your home to make sure they fit in properly, with no room for leakage.

The finishing on the material is guaranteed not to flake, blister, crack, peel or chip off for a period spanning over 20 years. Just as with any of our installations, we guarantee that our workmanship will be free of defections for a period not less than 5 years.

Major Benefits:

  • Aluminum does not rust like galvanized steel
  • There’s no need to repaint for at least 5 years
  • Aluminum is much lighter than steel
  • We use screws on our hidden hangers and not nails. Screws have less chances of loosening up and they don’t require any holes in the face of the gutter
  • Without seams except at the edges, you can certainly sure that there won’t be any leaks
  • Eaves troughs come in a variety of different colors, which can give a beautiful appearance to your home. All our finishes guarantee to ensure a long lasting finish
  • Seamless eave trough offer a more uniformed appearance


Frequently Asked Questions About Gutters (EaveTroughs)

A quality roofing system is paramount to having a waterproof home. But the job isn’t ideally complete unless gutters and other components like soffit and fascia and siding are in great shape. Gutters play a pivotal role in directing and moving water from your roof to the ground.

If your home has faulty gutters, downspouts can be detrimental and bring about significant damage to foundations, soffit and fascia, driveways and shingles.

The following are comparisons on eaves troughs, and they will help you decide on the right gutter system to use in your home.


Sectional Eaves Troughs Vs. Continuous Eaves Troughs

The most common eaves troughs that are available in home improvement stores are sectional. They come of different lengths and sections are fitted together and installed into your home.

Professionally installed eavestroughs are seamless, meaning that they are continuous, custom-made and will precisely fit in your home. Seamless eaves troughs don’t only mitigate the risk of corrosions and leaks, but they are also appealing because of the non-presence of unsightly seams.


Standard Eaves Troughs Vs. Aluminum Eaves Troughs

Standard eave troughs are made of steel and they are normally available in chocolate brown, ivory and white as well as a variety of other colors. Steel eaves troughs require repainting every couple of years to prevent them from corrosion.

Aluminum eaves troughs on the other hand costs more than standard eave troughs and they come in a wide variety of colors. Aluminum is generally resistant to corrosion and painting is baked on in order to eliminate the need for frequent repainting.


How Will I Know That I Need New Eave Troughs?

As a homeowner, you need to constantly inspect and check your eave troughs in fall and spring. A 10 Point Eave Trough Inspection will help determine whether or not your home requires new gutters. If you are not sure about how to go about it, get the services of a professional and qualified waterproofing and gutter installation expert to save you the trouble.


The following should help you know if you need new eave troughs for your home

  • Are there visible signs of excess water or ice buildup during winter at the foundation of your home?
  • Do you notice the formation of ridges around the foundation during spring?
  • Are the current eaves troughs sagging?
  • Are your gutters detaching from the edges of your roof?
  • Are there any visible signs of water marks or streaks on your siding?
  • Are there any cracks in your eave troughs or peeling paint?
  • Are the gutters getting clogged?
  • Do you notice any signs of watermarks on your eave troughs?
  • If you gently pour water into your eaves trough does if steadily drain to the downspout without leaking?


Can I Install A Leaf Guard?

If you are fed up and tired of cleaning your gutters frequently, you may consider installing a leaf guard. A leaf guard helps prevent leaves and debris from collecting and clogging your eave troughs. Debris the collects on the leaf guard gets blown away and your gutters will remain clean and free of leaves and other debris all year round.

To address all eaves trough repair matters, contracting the services of a highly experienced and qualified installer would be a very sensible and practical decision, especially in light of damage that may have been caused by heavy rains, snow and ice storms.


You Can Choose From A Wide Range of Eave Troughs For Your Home

Getting your eaves troughs or gutters repaired and replaced is very crucial to protecting the value of your home. You can choose from a range of eaves trough for your drainage system, and these may depend on the age of your home, budget and preference. Common systems include:

  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum

Progressive Roofing Gutters (Eavetrough) division is highly experienced and dedicated team of gutter repair and installation services will handle all your eavetrough needs.