Residential Roofing Services

We are your “Go-to specialize for Shingle Roofs“

Any kind of work on a roof can be a huge project for homeowners to deal with. He requires time and expertise to complete, as well as a roofing company that has the knowledge to make it all happen.

Some of the different services that can be completed on a home include repairing or replacing a roof, remodeling the exterior, as well as rebuilding after storm damage. At Progressive Roofing, we believe that projects should be pain-free for the homeowner.

residential roofing GalgaryWe are here to help you make effective decisions regarding roof repair and replacement. We can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your roof is in good hands from start to finish. Progressive Roofing is a family owned and operated company and we have been working on roofs and with roofing products for more than 15 years. A long term warranty is attached on all of the products and labor that come from our company as well, which can save you dramatic amounts of money for the life of your roof.

We have been able to help homeowners with roofing, siding, eaves trough, storm damage restoration, and much more over the years. Whether you are planning a home restoration or a home repair, we have the ability to help you. A sales representative can sit down with you during a consultation and explain all of the available options to help you make an educated decision.

Whether you wish to schedule a service or ask questions, we look forward to your phone call. You can reach us at your convenience by calling 403-234-4252


Residential Roofing Repairs and Replacements

The majority of residential roofs are replaced or repaired every decade. It is imperative that the right materials are chosen to reduce the overall cost of replacement as well is to extend the life of your roof. There are various environmental benefits that provide lower energy costs. When installing the right roof as well. As an example, if you choose a roofing material that does not absorb sufficient heat, it will reduce the cooling needs and lower your electric bill.

Some of the most common residential roofs that we install include:

  • Asphalt or Cedar shingles
  • Metal roof
  • Wood shakes
  • Euroshield rubber roof

Each of these groups can be beneficial and help you to save money on energy costs. They each have their own appearance and therefore you will need to understand what they look like and what they can do for your home.

We are able to schedule a consultation with you to discuss the pros and cons of each of these roofs and tell you what each of them will cost. This will make it easier for you to make an educated decision as to the type of roof that you want to have installed. Particularly when you need to have your roof replaced, it is the ideal time to explore better materials so that you can experience more benefits.

When you have an old roof, or there was improper roof installation, various problems can arise. We have seen firsthand how many homeowners are dealing with missing shingles, ceiling spots caused by leaks, missing granules, algae growth, blistering as a result of moisture in the shingles, curling and buckling spots, rotting, and much more.

You cannot allow your roof to go without a repair for too long. A simple repair can turn into a big one very quickly, because of damage spreading. Whether you wish to speak to someone on our sales team about the installation service or to schedule a roofing repair, call us today at 403-234-4252


Residential Eavestrough

When you have a properly installed eavestrough system, it is capable of directing water away from your homes foundation, pathways, driveways, and even sidewalks. These are generally made from copper or aluminum in a standard “K” style. In some instances, they are made from plastic in 4 inch sectionals or have a half round style siding with the downspout.

At Progressive Roofing, we use premium materials to provide homeowners with a durable and attractive system. This provides a better flow of water to prevent damage to the foundation, as well as any concrete structures on the property. If you have experienced problems with cracking driveways or mold at the foundation, it may have to do with your eavestrough – and we will be able to provide you with help.


Residential Siding

The material on the side of your home, known as siding, needs to be chosen carefully for both cost and maintenance. At Progressive Roofing, we install all types of siding, including stone, brick, aluminum, and vinyl. If you are looking for a durable material that offers a classic appearance, we recommend using stone or brick siding. If you are looking for something that requires less maintenance and is noncorrosive and fireproof, we recommend aluminum. There are pros and cons to each of the different materials that are offered and we can explain their effectiveness and durability to you.

It is imperative that you pay attention to the materials that are used on the siding because they will impact how much you spend in time and money on maintaining the appearance and overall effectiveness. When you need siding repair or you wish to speak to someone about our installation service, we look forward to helping you. Call to talk to one of the members of our team today at 403-234-4252