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Siding & Fascia

Severe weather can bring about hail damage. It can damage cars, roof shingles, and impacted the overall appearance of siding and fascia. When there are particularly ferocious storms in town, it can result in a significant amount of damage – and this means that you will need to look at a long-lasting siding replacement.

Vinyl siding Calgary ContractorVinyl siding is a great option for many homeowners. There is minimal maintenance required from vinyl and it can be significantly more affordable to install than other types of siding. In recent years, the quality of vinyl siding as well as the product choices have increased dramatically. There are now more siding profiles, colors, and accessories than ever before. This provides homeowners with the ability to create a new style or replicate an existing architectural style that they are impressed by. Progressive Roofing , a vinyl siding company, offers an array of profiles, including two of the most popular. This includes the Dutch lap vinyl siding and traditional vinyl siding. Replicated shapes also include vinyl shakes, allowing you to explore all sorts of different aesthetics for the exterior of your home.

All of the quality vinyl siding is measured and rated by the thickness of the panel. Vinyl siding will come in a variety of grades, ranging from 0.035 to 0.055 inches of thickness. At Progressive Roofing, we recommend a minimum of 0.044 for the panel to provide an enhanced look and improved durability.

The next time hail occurs in a storm, homeowners will be better protected because of having a higher quality siding along the side of the home. You can explore more in terms of protecting yourself against hail damage and fixing damage that has already occurred by contacting Progressive Roofing today. We can provide you with a detailed consultation where we will look at the siding of your home as well as any damage that may have already occurred so that we can improve the appearance and take action so that your home is never destroyed again.


Fiber Cement Siding Can Be Installed by Progressive Roofing

James Hardie fiber cement siding

James Hardie is the world’s leader in fiber cement siding as well as backer board. Fiber cement siding provides an impressive look as well as a high level of durability. James Hardie is a fire resistant material that has a similar appearance to that of traditional wood lap siding. It is designed to prevent cracking, rotting, hail damage, or damage from termites. It can be painted in a variety of colors and offers product customization for homeowners.

If you decide that you want James Hardie siding for your home, you have plenty of options – including having the siding painted at the factory with one of their color selections. This allows you to upgrade to a 15 year finish warranty, which can save you a significant amount of time and money over the years. The siding offers everything that you could ask for – premium durability at an affordable price.

We look forward to talking to you about fiber cement siding and all of the benefits that are offered by James Hardie. Whether you already have a particular color in mind or you want the factory to take care of the painting for you, we can help you with the selection process to enhance the appearance of your home and ensure that your home is capable of withstanding any damage from storms in the area.


Soffit and Fascia

When you look at the exterior of a home, the soffit and fascia are the unsung heroes. Without them in place, the attic and framework of your home would be exposed to all of the environmental elements – and this is never a good thing. They work together to protect your home and therefore they can be confused in terms of which one does what. The fascia is the vertical board running along the eve of your home. The gutters will attach to the fascia. The soffit is the horizontal board running along the bottom edge of the fascia and butts up against the side of the home.

When the soffit is installed properly, air is permitted to flow into the attic, providing a more energy efficient home. In today’s market, the various homebuilders do not enclose the soffit and fascia, and this allows all of the wood to be exposed to what Mother Nature offers. When what it is left out in the rain, it can start to rot and grow mildew. Builders may often leave nails protruding from the soffit board as well, which can be very dangerous.

At Progressive Roofing, we realize that the soffit and fascia have a dramatic impact on the appearance of the home. We can provide the cosmetic improvement needed to finish wrapping the soffit and fascia – and this will ensure that you never have to paint again. It can save you a lot of time and money in the end. There are various sizes and designs offered and we can help you decide what ones will look best for your house. We make sure everything is possible through the use of custom bend work.

We also take the time to evaluate your soffit to ensure that it provides adequate attic ventilation. By the time we are done with working on your soffit and fascia, you can have a better looking exterior and a more efficient home throughout the interior.