Roof Valleys And Leak Protection

When you live in Calgary AB, you deal with rain and snow for a significant amount of the year. This can cause leaks if there is a problem with your roof area at progressive roofing, we follow the best roofing practices and this allows you to have the needed protection all year long.

You will find groups that have open valleys as well as closed valleys. Traditionally, the valleys were closed with shingles, but this practice has been replaced by an open style in recent years. Much of this has to do with the interior water resistance. The valley is typically made with metal flashing and this helps to move the ice, snow, and water from the roof quicker. The IPO Blueprint for Roofing recommends that open metal valleys are used for a longer roof performance.

At Progressive Roofing Calgary, we agree with the use of open valleys and we have the professional roofers in order to make the changes and provide you with the needed leak protection in your Calgary home.

Unless you are on the roof, it can be difficult to judge just how well the installation was done. This is why you need to trust in a company that is going to provide you with a quality estimate, proper installation, and ensure that the valley metal is used properly to avoid future problems. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, photograph the condition of your roof to provide detailed explanations, and much more.

We will be able to provide the full metal valley, including the underlayment as well as the metal flashing. This will provide you with the protection that you can count on year after year, regardless of how much rain and snow you may get.