Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is of the utmost importance. It will help to control temperature as well as moisture. In the summer months, heat will build up within the attic during the day, and this may be noticeable within the higher energy costs in order to cool the home down. You moisture that is produced within the home may also move to the attic, particularly if there are no ceiling vapour barriers in place. If the moisture is not eliminated from the attic, condensation can occur, and construction materials may begin to deteriorate.

The American Institute of architects has estimated that approximately 90% of homes within the United States have levels of moisture that are unacceptably high. It is most likely that Canadian homes suffer from the same issues.

If you had inadequate roof ventilation, the results can be serious. Your roof deck can warp or suffer from dry rot, adhesives can deteriorate, water vapour can condense on anything metal, resulting in rust and various other serious problems as the rust begins to settle in and many other problems. All of the extra moisture is going to result in problem after problem for your health, the structure of your home, and much more.

The good news is that attic ventilation and roof ventilation as a whole can be addressed. At Progressive Roofing Calgary, we have the professional roofers in order to determine the level of ventilation that you have and provide the necessary remedies. The Alberta Building Code calls for adequate roof ventilation and we can ensure that your home is up to code. Another added benefit of proper ventilation will ensure that your shingle manufacturer’s warranty remains valid.

Call and talk to one of our experienced roofers in Calgary AB today so that we can help you determine whether you have the necessary ventilation and make the needed adjustments so that you can enjoy peace of mind.